Thursday, 10 April 2014

Top 10 Indoor Activities In Chelmsford

After all the rain we had at the beginning of the week I started thinking about 'raining day contingency plans' and thought that you might all appreciate a list of the Top 10 Indoor Activities in Chelmsford! 

Mumsnet Chelmsford Chelmsford Museum

Mace Playce (Soft Play for 0-12's)  

Kids and Koffee  (Soft play for 0-8's)

Chelmsford Museum (Free!)  

Essex Police Musuem (Only open Saturday's but has an activity running every week)

Mumsnet Chelmsford Essex Police Musuem

Please do let us know if you think of our top indoor activities and whether you think we've missed anything! Or add a review to our site to let other parents know what you think of them.